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Our Team

Dignifying Women's Life

Our Team

Freddy M. BISETSA:  Executive Director

Freddy, is Co-founder and Executive Director of Women Concern.

Freddy is courageous and is always happy to see himself making a contribution to changing the social and economic life of at least one person or a community. Originally from the communities he serves, he masters the social, cultural and economic realities of the place and is sensitive to gender. Before creating Women Concern, he worked for a long time for other non-profit organizations in the region (DRC, Burundi and Rwanda) from where he was inspired to create Women Concern in order to contribute to the dignity of women of his country.

Stephanie NYIRAMUYIRA: Finance and Administration

Stéphanie, is Co-founder and Director of Finance and Administration of Women Concern.

Stéphanie is a person of character and experienced in NGO finance management. Before creating Women Concern, she worked as a project manager and then as a program assistant in projects funded by Compassion International and Alarm ministries in Rwanda and DRC.

  Through her projects, she has succeeded in contributing to freeing families from poverty and promoting the education of children from poor families.

She has bachelor’s degree in Finance.

Mireille NGABIRE: Project Manager

Mireille is Project Manager

With her compassionate heart, she enjoys spending her time with vulnerable people and especially children. She is naturally committed to the cause of children in vulnerable situations. Before joining Women Concern in 2020, she served at Action Sociale pour les Orphelins et Vulnerables (ASOV) as Assistant Project Manager.

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