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She’s Precious

Dignifying Women's Life

She’s precious: Is dedicated to rehabilitating, empowering (economic and skills)and reintegrating street girls and promote vurnerable girl’s education to end teenage pregnancies and marriages.

  • For street girls, we forge friendships and gain their trust through regular and charitable visits to them which convince them to join our rehabilitation center. Once in the center, we implement our theory of change for our street girls. We do psycho-sanitary rehabilitation, skills development through professional trainings in order to prepare for their social reintegration; entrepreneurship support and start-up kits. This is how they leave the center to directly initiate income-generating activities and thus they become financially productive and responsible for no longer living in the street. At that step they are reintegrated into society and reunite with their families.
  • In our community, daughters are frequently seen as burdens or commodities because of pervasive gender inequality. To end teenage pregnancies and marriages we have set up community clubs (Composed by parents, local opinion leaders and teachers) and school clubs (Girls in sciences) for community awareness on the education of girls as a way out of this crisis. We organize school and community based debates/dialogeus to incitate parent to school their daughters, compagn awareness on children’s rights and national and international laws and/or conventions and school based dialogeus to incitate parents.

We organize competitions within the framework of the Girls in sciences to create the spirit of excellence and competition and to promote girls’ attendance of scientific studies.

To promote the education of the girl, we are committed to assisting them in their menstrual cycle management which is, and continues to be an obstacle to her education by finding a sustainable and safe solution to their menstrual period. We build school safe rooms for girls and equip them with hygienic materials related to girls’ menstrual period for the girl to isolate herself secretly when period happens suddenly, take care of herself and come back safe in class to attend with others

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