What we are here for

Our Story

Inequalities between men and women and / or girls and boys are a virtue-like reality that has characterized our communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo for centuries. This way of life-living, erected a nature of violence against women and girls, and therefore of human rights abuse in our ancestors believing that this is the due style of life. The norms were thus installed and established harmful practices against women and girls. This is how child marriages found a place, the girl's schooling lost its importance, the total dependence of women found justification, etc.

Professional experience abroad and knowledge of the legal framework of both national and international law in the field of gender brought my mind back to the source and called me to act on the cause of women and girls in my country. This is how Women Concern was born.

What we are for

Our Vision and Mission


WOCO's vision is A society where the dignity of women and girls prevails


WOCO's mission is to help rural women and girls to discover their and unleash their potentials, and to support them for inclusive development through research based projects in the following areas: Education, Human rights, financial literacy etc...

Impact driven actions

Our programs

She Matters

A program committed to rehabilitate street girls who left their famillies due to domestic violence among other reasons.

She's Precious

Teen mothers are precious; We are committed to restore their dignity and equip them with tools they need to be family heros that they have always been.

Our Global Network