Helping Teen mothers re-gain their dignity

In our community, daughters are frequently seen as burdens or commodities because of pervasive gender inequality. To end teenage pregnancies and marriages we have set up community clubs (Composed by parents, local opinion leaders and teachers) and school clubs (Girls in sciences) for community awareness on the education of girls as a way out of this crisis. We organize school and community based debates/dialogeus to incitate parent to school their daughters, compagn awareness on children’s rights and national and international laws and/or conventions and school based dialogeus to incitate parents.

A world were women and Girls are safe and thriving

It is dedicated to the empowerment of adolescent women. Our approach is based on women entrepreneurial skills development, business setting mentorship and starting kits provision. Our aim consisting at breaking women‘s financial dependence and thus exhibit her income generating potentials. These two major programs of Women Concern give particular emphasis on WASH and reproductive health to promote the well-being of its beneficiaries. We thus act to promote hygiene and sanitation and the accessibility of clean water.

Our Global Network